Hi Wikians people are starting to make quizes so I decided to make my own! Only ten questions so it won't take long.

  • 1 Who dose Grammar Cat keep get his name wrong

A. Santiago Gonzales martin B. Random-story keeper C. Emitwiki D. Nobody

  • 2. How many sisters dose Nobody have?

A.8 B. 1 C. 3 D.119

  • 3 Who made a blog post for every day till christmas?

A. Someoneyouprobablydon'tknow B. Someoneyouprobablydon'twanttoknow C. Santi D. The dancing bears from rubble trubble mosscow

  • 4. Who is a Storm Hawk fan on the nitrome wiki?

A Random-story keeper B. Crystal Lucario C. Moon Light D. Nitrome boy

  • 5 Who did Crystal Lucario say "Hey Kid remeber don't use i or you in a article "

A. Timmy the quagsire B. Nitrome boy C. Pandaman D. Hello Kitty

  • 6 What person got trolled by someone who trolled someone who trolled someone?

A. Bluefire B.Random-story keeper C.Santi D. Jojo the monkey

  • 7 Complete this sentence ___ ____ and his boat made of cheese

A. Brad the bear B. Timmy the quagsire C. Jojo the monkey D. The dancing cow man

  • 8 What is the main character in my little pony

A.Twilight Sparkle B. Diamond tail C. Moon dancer D. Spiral horn

  • 9 If you could do nothing what would it be?
  • 10 Who likes to play as a green Meta knight? (Note: Meta knight from the kirby series not Meda knights who go to shop every wednesday)

A.Santi B. Itnas C. Nobody D.Grammar Cat

Post your answers in the comments.
The winner gets a mysterious prize of a snow cat...

The quiz ends on january 28


Great job everyone that entered! I will now list the answers in bold. But first here is the places everyoner is in: In last place Nobody with a score of 3! In th4 Takeshi with a score of 4! In third Emitwiki with a score of 5! In second is Tiny castle guy with a score of 7! And the winner is none other then Random-Story Keeper with a score of 8! Congratulations RSk! A mysterious prize of the snow cat will arrive at your talk page! All the rest of you get a consolation prize of the letters P R I Z E. Great job everyone (who may just want to spam my talk page...) Thanks for entering!

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