Hello there, Nitromians, Wikians, editors, my crazy four-eyed bro, and viewers! Today this wiki has made an achievement, that may only be great to me, which is all Turn-Undead articles are complete! (note: I created the gates article but it is having a strange red link glitch)

Now, for the sheer fun of it, lets view some statistics:

Statistics of Turn-Undead articles

All users who contributed to Turn-Undead articles (excludes Talk pages and the spikes article):
The Chipped Cup
Grammar Cat
Total: 16

Total number of Turn-Undead articles edited (out of 22 being the total excluding the spikes article and order in highest to lowest):
Grammar Cat : 19/22
NOBODY : 11/22
Tema.Gubert : 11/22
Megaphantaze : 4/22
RedWarlock : 3/22
Nitromemegafan : 2/22
RenfieldHarker : 2/22
Random-storykeeper : 2/22
Takeshi64 : 1/22
Pufflesrcute : 1/22
HeadlessHobbit : 1/22
JeremyRedhead : 1/22
Ibrahimjaved : 1/22
The Chipped Cup : 1/22
TinyCastleGuy : 1/22
AustinCarter4Ever : 1/22

Total number of Turn-Undead articles created (order highest to lowest):
Grammar Cat: 12/22
Tema.Gubert: 7/22
Nitromegafan: 2/22
NOBODY: 1/22

Adding all contributions together (order highest to lowest):
Grammar Cat : 31
Tema.Gubert : 18
Nitromemegafan : 4
Megaphantaze : 4
RedWarlock : 3
RenfieldHarker : 2
Random-storykeeper : 2
Takeshi64 : 1
Pufflesrcute : 1
HeadlessHobbi t: 1
JeremyRedhead: 1
Ibrahimjaved : 1
The Chipped Cup : 1
TinyCastleGuy : 1
AustinCarter4Ever : 1


So, lets all give a big round of applause to Tema.Gubert for contributing the most out of my brother an me! Thank you, Tema! As for those of you who scored over 1: Great job! Those edits helped allot !(^-^)! And as for those who scored 1: Thank you for your contributions! Though it was a little, every bit counted towards better articles! If there wasn't user like you making single or minor edits, this wiki would still be loaded with mistakes, typos, uncondensed text, and flaws.

So, in short, thank you to all of you who helped out with Turn-Undead!

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