Hello there! After quite a long time of not creating a blog post, I decided to create one. Since my brother has been begging me to help him with the Jam articles and has decided to bribe me with mini reese cups (1 cup for every Jam game article I fix), I decided to help out. So far I have played Psy Cop (though it is broken), In drmzzz, A Kitty Dream, and 8bit Doves (which I have just recently completed. So far my favorite Jam game is 8bit Doves which, after spending around fifteen minutes playing, I have completed with 62 out of the 81 doves.

The reason why I liked 8bit Doves so much was not just because of its retro art, which reminded me of the retro games I've been playing, nor of the music, which made me feel nostalgic, but rather because it made me laugh so much. There was the sleeping man, slowly cruising along with his outstretched arms made wings in Dreamland, a few doves following him with eagerness, then suddenly CRASH! The sleeping man rammed into the wall and fell through the screen. I laughed so much about this (sick right?) and joked to my brother that when this guy wakes up he would find his head cracked, his chin missing, and lot of strawberry jam. I bashed his nose so much into the wall I thought that if he was a real person, he would wake up with his nose fractured in every single possible area. I suppose the least injured place would be his rear, though I did end up banging him there on the eight level. If Nitrome games were realistic, people would never run out of strawberry jam.

Forgive my morbid sense of humor and I believe it is time for me to edit more Jam games.

Bye, bye!

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