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  • I am the result of an unconventional childhood
  • Grammar Cat

    Weekly Update: November 16 - 22

    Hello there! For the very same reasons as our previous weekly update, I will be bringing you our weekly update of contributions to the Nitrome Wiki pertaining to the notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

    Categories to various game articles as well as citations to pages have been added by NOBODY.

    Megaphantaze added a disambiguation to the serpents article. [1]

    The miner canary article had more information added regarding the character's corruption. [2]

    Megaphantaze added description to the appearance sections of King Edward, Dave, and panic bot from Vault!. [3]

    Megaphantaze uploaded the updated version of the mobile icon fro Magic Touch: Wizard for H…

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  • Grammar Cat

    Weekly Update: November 2 - 15

    Hello there! As User:NOBODY is busy with his university studies, I, his sister, will be bring you our weekly update of contributions to the Nitrome Wiki pertaining to the notable edits to currently existing content, new information added to articles, and notable new images.

    The navigational template for Platform Panic had its colour scheme redesigned by Frostyflytrap. [1]

    Megaphantaze has edited numerous articles improving the information presented in the infobox as well as adding categories to certain articles. Megaphantaze also added an image of a glitch in Beneath the Lighthouse. [2]

    The Office Trap article's preview section was reworked into a condensed announcements section. [3]

    The Beneath The Lighthouse art…

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  • Grammar Cat

    Hello there! The purpose of this blog post is an unofficial summary of the key points of opposition and agreement raised by the announcement of Project Standardize.

    Project Standardize is project proposed by the admin User:Emitewiki2 for the purposes of making images easier to find. Project Standardize attempts to accomplish this via renaming images so that they contain their game name of origin, their component category, and their article name in a set pattern.

    This renaming is intended to help user's find images via the search bar so that, in the event that an image needs to go on multiple pages or has already been uploaded, it can be found quickly.

    Bear in mind that these points are, as the project has not started, believed benefits. Only …

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  • Grammar Cat

    Hello there, whoever may be watching and – most importantly – AustinCarter4Ever!

    How are things going, 4ever-chan? I sure hope everything becomes so much more joyful after reading this blog post. This is my open letter to you and please, do not skim because all these words have been meaningfully and truthfully written for you.

    (^ - ^) \(^o^)/ (^ - ^) \(^o^)/ (^ - ^) \(^o^)/

    ~My Description of You~
    Honest in tone and lover of all things cute,

    With all sincerity,

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  • Grammar Cat

    Hello there! I need your help. Yes, your help. You may be asking yourself "For what, why, how do I help, and what do I need? You sure I am capable of helping?" All these are answered below.

    The Death (Nitrome games) article. Your help is need for gaining information necessary for the formation of this article's content.

    In order to cover the general trend of how death is portrayed in Nitrome games, it is important to know all death animations of firstly: main characters; secondly: enemies; and thirdly: bosses. As death occurs in Nitrome's over 100 games, this will be a long task for me which you can greatly help speed up completion.

    I was revamping the Deaths (Nitrome games) article when I realized I would need a description and, to a less ex…

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