I know some games. Pixel games. Some that Nitrome might have for their Pixel Love section and some that might not. Anyway, here they are: (Not in any particular order)

1. Dino Run (Already Taken By Nitrome)

Dino Run. A game where you play as a dinosaur (that looks like a Raptor) who runs away from a landslide made from the asteroid's impact that chases you. It's exiting and has fun features. Fall into pits, eat bones for upgrades (just like in Spore) eat smaller dinosaurs, jump over Stegosauruses, ride on Parasaurolophuses run into volcanoes, and more! I really like the game and there's a chance for it to be in Pixel Love.

Play it on Pixeljam

2. Infectonator:World Dominator (Rated XP in JiG, but that doesn't seem to matter)

Infectonator. A game where you act as a mad scientist who tries to zombify the entire planet! You release your virus into public, zombify people to get money to make a better virus! And there are even celebrities like Spider-Man, McDonalds, Col. Sandlers and some other guys to make your own super zombies! Like Michael Jackson, Venom, Santa, and more! Well, this has a 33% chance of being a Pixel Love game 'cuz it has zombies and stuff. But anyway...

Play it on Toge Productions

3. Endeavor

Endeavor is an exploring game game where you play as a dwarf who fell down a mountain and serves a god and eats eggplants to upgrade his power and endurance. The game is realistic because the player can get tired and stops when you fall from a distance. Not much to say here. The creator even has a map of the place so that you won't get lost.

Play it on Newgrounds

4. Snailidad

Snailidad! Another exploring game where you thy to save your disappearing fellow-snails though a snaily world! Get weapons, fight bosses, climb walls and ceilings like in the game Blaster Master. It's a nice game because of the music and graphics.

Play it on Newgrounds

5. Don't Look Back

Don't look back. ... ... I really don't know! Run away from a grave? Just let yourself fall into a deep pit? Shoot monsters? I didn't like it much but I saw Nitrome play it on Kongregate. Well anyway, it has good rain physics...

Play it on Kongregate

6. Talesworth Adventure Ep. 1

A good puzzle game about a knight who keeps running in a dungeon and you give some disractions and obstacles for him to move. (I'm beginning to get speeches now)

Play it on Newgrounds

7. Majesty of Colors

A great game about a men who dreamed that he was a sea monster who decides to kill or help humans. when he wakes up, he realizes that the monster was real as his controlled it in his sleep. A creative and wonderful game.

Play it on Kongregate

(I'm really tired now. Maybe I'll continue it next time.)


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