Today, Ayernam has reached exactly 8 months(240 days) since he's been here. He reached Rank #2 and has beaten RSK's record at the Leaderboard in that amount of time. Which is about 40 edits per day (mathematically). Bravo to that. For him to beat NOBODY , he would have to edit the wiki in 407 days straight. Which is 14 or more months. If his edit speed increases, he would be Top 1 in a shorter time. Now I have a question that I already know the answer to. Why is Ayernam the most and only rapid and helpful user here who isn't an admin? Imagine what would happen if Aye was an admin.

I know that the Admin Space is full, but why can't we just get rid of the admin rights of a user who has left for good to make space?

I don't think they'll come back. They might not even remember Nitrome any more or they might not even care about us anymore. Is it only the founder who can do that? Is a bureaucrat as powerful as the founder of this wiki?

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