Some of you may know that I have been working on the Test Subject Complete custom Minecraft map. So if any of you have Minecraft, you can download it here:

Rules: Play in Survival or Adventure mode. (Type /gamemode survival).


Take note that there are alot of problems in the map ever since the 1.6 update such as:

  • Suiting up armor and weaponry doesn't work properly. (Manually open the dispencers and take the arrow from the item frame instead.)
  • Orange proton cannons won't shoot.
  • Level with orange zombies (Level 3) is too hard with lag issues.
  • Orange skeleton piston doors won't let the mobs out,
  • Level 7 above has no introduction of the proffesor yet.
  • Dr Nastidious attack cuscene won't teleport you.(In the dark area, switch into creative mode to get out then go into the next room manually)
  • The walls falling in the tipped chamber are not witnessed.(And that was a cool effect that you'll miss D: )
  • In the chamber with Dr Nastidious' hand, the walls are outdated.
  • Credits are not available yet.

When you're done with the map, go into creative mode (Type /gamemode creative) and explore a bit outside. And look out for easter eggs too ;)

Helping out

If you've found more problems not written on my list, tell me in the comments or in my talk page. Feel free to do anything in the map. Even better, help me modify it. Yes, modify it if you can. I recommend that you should have the following:

MCEdit, and Sethblings filters and a filesharing account. Dropbox or others will do.

If you have a good chance of modifying it, you can then upload it to your favorite filesharing website. You may only modify the redstone circuitry or change it at will. You may also help make a resource pack for the map with custom sounds, textures etc.

Future Updates

I plan to add the following:

  1. A few Test Subject Green characters/enemies/levels.
  2. Rex209
  3. Custom sounds in the resource pack.
    • Original conversations from TSC
  4. Cameos and more easter eggs?
  5. "The Machine"
  6. Bossfights
    • Mimic
    • The Machine?
    • Dr Nastidious
  7. Playing as the Professor.

Well, that's all I have. I'll inform you for the next update.

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