I've noticed that we like to spam out Spoilers A LOT and at a terribly unhealthy dose. I mean, just look at everything in the Test Subject series. Loads of unneeded spoiler templates for things that have already been spoiled by Nitrome! If you don't know what I mean then look at the intro sequence of T.S.Green, and T.S.Complete. My personal "favourite" of an example for this is the Professor page. There have been plenty of web ads and arena games revealing the Professor's playable sprite yet we still have them sealed under Spoilers. There are also a huge amount of other pages I can't remember what they're called that are like these too!

Oh and BTW, Flue(Title of the game) + Green slime(Virus) + Red interior of gamescape = Flu, the disease. Too obvious, I even knew the ending of the game even before I played it just by reading the title. But I don't know about you guys but seemed pretty obvious that Flue was meant to sound like Flu.

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