Could this be the original Mega Mash?

(this was the old title) Guys, I was watching a Vsauce video and I found a link to this:

Scroll down untill you see "ROM CHECK FAIL". It's exactly like Mega Mash, only there are no Special Walls, only glitches that cause the game to change. It's only downloadable for Windows or Linux. So what do you think about it? Oh, and Captain Forever is there too. The game that inspired Steamlands. That's a great game too.

I might continue this tomorrow

oh, i guess I have nothing more to say...

And how do you change a blog's title?

Ok, now sice I decided to change and add more to this blog, I'm going to post some Nitrome game references or inspiratons of Nitrome games.


As what I've said earlier, Steamlands was based on Captain Forever .

Don't believe me? Watch this:

Nitrome - Steamlands Trailer 2-006:28

Nitrome - Steamlands Trailer 2-0


(hey, this wiki doesn't have this video yet)


Means Sputnik2000 in Russian. I've found an Atari game that if obviously what inspired this game.

Lunar Lander

Toxic or Canary

Biolab Disaster has alot in common with the to games. 1, the enemies are pretty much alike. Just play and see. And the character looks like the guy from Toxic.

In Movies

Bourne Legacy

Have any of you watched this film? If so, wasn't it mentioned that the blue pills make you smarter and the greens make you stronger? Isn't that a rerference to Test Subject series?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Greg and Rowley watch a horror film called "The Foot" which is kinda like Stumped.

To be continued...

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