No one has been editing a lot on the Nitrome Wiki. Is everybody deserting the Nitrome Wiki? Because only 4 or 5 users have been active for the past few days! Even NOBODY has not been active here a day for the very first time in history!!! Random story-keeper has already left for University, Santi has left for no reason, and I haven't seen a trace of my old friend Atom ever visiting the wiki. Only SQhi, Ayernam, Magnavox, Austincarter4ever, a new user, and me are the only ones keeping the Wiki from falling into extinction. I almost plaigerized all this text from NOBODY's old blog post .(If I told you that I plagiarized this from NOBODY, would it still be called plagiarism?)

Why are they all leaving us, you may ask.

A Few Reasons

  • They grew up. Now, NOBODY was like the only wikian who never had any problems preventing him to edit. I know he's older than most of us but that makes the fact that he's growing up seem untrue. RSK, who is probably 18 by now, has left for college. 
  • Life problems. Almost everyone working here is at the teen age, the age where many problems happen. A few weeks ago, Lionowl made a blog post with a secret message about depression.
  • Loss of interest with Nitrome. Most of the users here just moved to games like Minecraft, Sonic, Nintendo Games, Kongregate, and so on.

So, what am I gonna do?

I figured out that there might be a time when I leave Nitrome and this Wiki. So just before I leave in the future, I have to do something. I have to make Nitrome interesting again. How? Remember this blog of mine?

Yep. I will do it now. I will try hard to get a good mic this October and start making showcases of every single Nitrome thing 'till I leave. At least I would have done something good for this wiki as I leave. 

I better keep on reminding myself for October.(October, semestrial break, and December, Christmas break)

I won't do walkthroughs though, it never seems to help us gain populatity.

Final messages...of this blog.

NOBODY, if you're stil there, can I work for you at Nitrome Universe? Wordpress does allow the feature of having 2 editors in one site.

(And I have no idea why I keep on copying NOBODY's work.)

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