Hello everyone. I'm Frostyflytrap, I've been at this wiki ever since April 27, 2012. I have encountered many events her like meeting Atom Destroyer and blogging about Nitrome's Obscene High scores, Nitrome's first Pixel Love game, Tower Of Heaven level building , Andrew Morrish getting mad, Test Subject Blue,Green,Complete and so on. Why am I saying this? You might ask. No, I'm not gonna leave again! :P I'm just here about to tell you about things going on right now and also about my greatest idea for the wiki yet.

Let's start with the bad news

We are gonna lose interest and popularity because of the unregistered blah-blah stuff. Not many people want this you know!! Ever get the feeling wherein you wanted to share something great but you can't comment just because you need to register and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blahblahblahblah. All nonsense stuff. Why would you register just to say one sentence!? And by the way, WHY US!!!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? I mean, we've never had any uncontrollable bad comments here right? Or did we? But that was just 1 person. this was made specially for spammed wikis. I wish this could just be an option for wikis.

The Good News

I've had an idea about making the wiki more famous. Ever been to Minecraft Wiki ? Ever seen these short videos about things within Minecraft from Mobs to Redstone Machines. I was wondering if we could do this here as well. (Notice that Bad News is actually contradicting with the Good News?) Using the Nitrome wiki Youtube, I can voice out a brief summary about a game's content, genre, gameplay, enemies, and Interactive objects.

Waht!? You will voice it out!?

Yes, I am allowed to do so anyway. I just have to practice with my speech and the accent as well so you won't recognize my ethnicity. (For those who already know, SHHH!!!) I may have to figure out how not to record background noises since I can't just move my computer into a soundproof room...hey...wait  minute!!!!

My Hard Disc is Dead!!!

Yep, I totally forgot about that. Which means all my downloads and files are corrupted and are stuck inside a broken hard disc. It's my D drive. Where my Minecraft is actually stored. :( It's being replaced at the moment though, so I would still be about to do the things I want to soon. (Have I ever written a  blog this long?)

So, because of Bad News, Good News won't help as much as it would have been, but "life will find a way." 

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