I once said to myself a long time ago, "I am on the quest to complete all Blast RPG pages." And that's really what made me so interested in that game aside from it resembling a Japanese animation or  an RPG game. And finally, I have filled up every redling of each page in relation to Blast RPG!! HOORAY!!

But my quest does not end there yet, there are still stubs and incomplete sections and info on some of the pages I must complete. And after that, I will make my very own video explaination of each and every thing about Blast RPG.

But wait, I've just had an idea! Notice that in the game, a certain patters that each entity, in the game follows? Such as a group of Slimes, or a goup of Plant Enemies or that tall tower of gems and treasures. Don't you think there should be an article all about the generated formations in the game? Tell me about it.

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