Do you experience lag while playing Ditto? Are you not so quick enough to dodge the hazards in the game? Do you really want to know the surprise ending without getting spoiled?

Well worry not for I have made a great way for you to get over all these problems! In my full play-through of Ditto, you no longer need a fast computer, fast reaction time! And there are technically no spoilers in the video since if you've watched through it all until the end, it might as well feel like you were playing the game yourself! Both the viewer and the player will feel an accomplishment after both people have felt suffering throughout the game. So what are you waiting for?! All you need is some time and some snacks if you want to watch the show! Enjoy.

Oh and also, NOBODY, I know this is informal media but can we keep this for at least a month? I really want more people to appreciate Ditto, but many have long given up.

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