The Nitrome Wiki Edition!

Today is the bitrth of my ultimate blog on Nitrome Wiki!

We need to modify our wikis!

Previously, there was an edit war on Pixel Love wiki between Andrew Morrish and some of us. I see that it was an unintentional vandal, we just did it because we are used to the wikis and Andrew has no experience with wikis at all. He did not identify himself because he was not informed. This has happened to me before, I got scared when I got banned. I wondered what I did wrong? "How Bad Can I Possibly Be?" Then slowly, I secretly edited as a wiki contributor. Then many users suggested me to make an account. So I made a new account, this one. So I slowly adapted to wikis. You see, our wikis lack informers or notifications. The Pixel Love wiki should have notified Andy that if he is a developer, he should identify himself. Well not just to Andrew, but to all IP addresses and to users. So what do you guys think of my idea?

Help with Userboxes

I've tried to make my own userboxes but they all fail. Because I don't really know how to add one to the category neither how to make my own template. Please help me.

-Frostyflytrap (talk) 11:19, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

Btw, I still need help with my sign though. UPDATE:

Got a Sig!!! Talk to the FFT.pngFlyNMD 14:59, October 18, 2012 (UTC)

Inactive Users

I have notices that some of the main users have been inactive for a long time.


The chat doesn't start without me

I've noticed something strange with the wiki. Every time I come here, the chat's always empty. But if I enter and wait, some users tend to come in too. Weird....

And BTW,


Update: Thank You! :D

Thank You Comment-ors

Thank you, you 4 users. Therefore, I will reward you with something. Soon. Or now. Who knows?

If your reading this, congratulations. I'm on a secret project on making an actual 3D Cave Chaos game!!!! So go tell TinyCastleGuy about it!!! NOW!

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