I have enjoyed the new cave sequel but on level 1 I got pushed by the expanding thing. (Nitrome always makes these kinds of enemies.) Ok, where was I? Oh, I got pushed. So I fell down. I actually touched him on purpose because there were alot of gems above it and I thought that I could step on it to reach the gems. But he expanded first, and I fell. I'm just telling you what happened now here's the real problem. When I restart the level, the bats have already started! I don't know if I'm the one who's slow or if the bats are fast. Because of this, I could only reach the part with the crates. I think this is mostly my fault. Should

Cave chaoss 2 sadI use a different computer?

UPDATE: I have already solved the problem. The only thing I don't like is that each level has a sequence. If you do something wrong like doble jump in the wrong position the gameplay would mess up! And also that if I use the checkpoints it's still no use, I would have to restart the whole level. I've been to level 2 so far.

I would rate this 6/10 because the music's good, the graphics are nice, it's a bit hard, most of the enemies are disgusting when they explode or puff. So that's it. This is my first game review. I'm planning to review nitrome games from Hot Air to the Present game.

UPDATE 2.0: I've finaly finished the game. It does not work properly on slow computers. If I didn't have 2 computers, I wouln't have finished the game. Which is not good. The problem about tha bats who don't come is not a glitch. The game waits for you to move before the bats come. Which is another negative because the game doesn't say that.

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