Chapter One - Nothing Wrong

"Oh, I'd be glad to rewrite these articles". Said I. "Mind if I do?"

"Oh not at all". He replied. You can add some missing info as well.

As I browsed the article, I saw no mistakes so I decided to remove the rewrite tag and publish it, leaving a note written on the tag saying, "There's nothing wrong here". I left for a lunch and came back to be astonished by the fact why. My edit was reverted. The tag was returned to the page. On the tag was written some words, "Nope, there still is."

"By gum! What's the meaning of this!?" I thought.

"Well I'm sure that there were no mistakes made on the article. So why was it reverted then?"

I thought for a while and came up with something.

"Maybe I've just missed something? Maybe just a teeny tiny bit of error that I might have missed."

"Yes, that could be it. I've missed an error."

After going through heavy attempts on reading, I've came out with a disapointing result. Nothing was wrong. But what was I to do? Shall I exlpain to him how there's absolutely no error in the article? It seems that I have no choice. I must collect all evidence to defend my proposition. 1 But Stanley walked through the red door...wait, wrong script. 2

1 That's not the right word for that.

2 Who else got that reference?

Chapter Two - What's Wrong

To be continued.

Hey, does reading this remid you of reading a pocket book? Yes? Good.

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