Ok, do you notice something with Angry Birds and Chick Flick? Their similar. Look at the Red Bird and the Medium Sized Chick.

File:Red Bird.png
Medium Sized Chick

Well, they're both normal. And the Blue Birds & the Small Chicks.

File:Blue Birds.png
File:Small Chick.png

Their both small not they both multiply you silly! And also the Black Bird and the Bomb Chick.

Bomb (Chick Flick)

Well you already know. And the last bird, Terrence or the Big Brother Bird and the Large Chick.

Big Chick

Oh, you think that's it? Trampoline and Slingshot, their both used to fling stuff.


Both Angry Birds and Chicks are tossed into the air. And wait, there's more! There's a Mobile Chick Flick right? So does Angry Birds.

So, do you think that Rovio mobile got inspired by this game?

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