aka Frosty the Artic fox

  • I live in The Blizzard`s end. (Its basically an huge abandoned cooling tower.)
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Supporter of Treasure Island Suits (Formerly) Cryo-martial arts Master (Current) Protector of the FNaF World wiki.
  • I am Male, an Arctic Fox animatronic with ice powers. And message to all trolls.....we are not dead, as is Fairy Tail, WE WILL STRIKE BACK!
  • Freezeblade7997

    So hello everyone, did Anyone notice that recently nitrome is busy with mobile instead of PC? Well I mean, I like that idea and all.But if they come back to pc game making, then they need ideas, so maybe we can help? Think about a game and write down the characters,title and general story.

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  • Freezeblade7997

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my fan theory of Flightless.Now I know everyone here is exicted to play the game but not much is known.

    Boss Giga Beetle 

    The first boss revealed in the game and therefore also the only one known yet.My bet is the boss will attempt to jump on the Thiefs (Puck is Blue, Tuck is Green) You have to react quick and use the ladder to smash the heart.After that the Boss gets knocked out and you have to climb the ladder,then stomp at his heart while he`s lying on the ground.It may also get a charge attack or summon beetles to aid.

    Water levels:My guess is that the ducks can swim but are unable to use the ladders underwater.This might be where they can use a new type of attack.Hitting with the bag.This attack is not as stron…

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