Hello!! A very happy Emitewiki2 here, with some exciting news!!

I just got back from camping with all my other relatives, and my cousin Hyperscore told me about a new game recording program called Bandicam he was using. I was previously using a Hypercam, but as you may have noticed I barely uploaded any videos. This is because it took about 40 minutes just to upload one video, and I couldn't do anything else on the computer while it was uploading because it caused my computer to go veeery slow. Anyway, he said that Bandicam had no lag, and had never took more than 20 minutes to upload a video. With my levels being erased, I thought this to be the perfect time to start making tutorials of Nitrome levels again.

So toady I downloaded Bandicam, but I was still really sad about losing all my game progress (as you might have noticed I haven't been editing much lately. That is why). I went on to chat and was kind of moping because I had just finished trying everything, and there seemed to be no hope for retrieving my levels. While I was there, a user I now hold in a high esteem (RSK) told me to try playing in Internet Explorer. So I opened up Nitrome, and waited for the ad to be done and.... My levels were saved!!!!

So all together, I am very happy because I will now be uploading many tutorials, as well as go back to taking screenshots and editing a bunch.

Have a great day (like I am :D)!


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