Dun dun duuuun. You are now reading the blog post of the all powerful Emitewiki2.....

  • TinyCastleGuy: What's wrong with you? Nobody is our leader!
  • All other Nitrome wikians: Ya!

No one leads you?

  • TinyCastleGuy: No, you said the all powerful Emitewiki2, but the user NOBODY leads us.
  • All other Nitrome wikians: Ya!

Gee whiz guys, it's just an expression! Can't you take a joke?

But seriously, that's not what this blog post is about. I just wanted to express my excitment that it is the weekend =D and I can edit this weekend. I'm kinda bummed out that I missed the new Nitrome game =( but when I saw it tonight, I played to level 20 (but then had to get off :~( ). Rainbow-whatever is a pretty good game, although it gets a little repetitive/boring after a few levels. I also wanted to say =s ??? is anyone else noticing all these random computer faces everywhere? I mean, seriously =B <- What the heck? Is that a beaver?

Anyway, I like the new logo on the wiki, and I can't wait for the sushi blob game to come out. I hope this blog post get at least one comment, unlike my other one >:( (just kidding, I'm not mad)

Sorry if I publicly embarrased NOBODY, and sorry about the messiness of this blog post,


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