Hai there everybody I'm back from my cousin's house (which is why I haven't been editing this week). Let me tell you some good stuff that happened while I was there.

Good Stuff

  • I got to play video games
  • I got to ride a scooter down a huge mountain :D
  • I got to play Runescape

Bad Stuff


So honestly, the stuff above is what I am really going to be talking about. Should people be making random blog posts about everything? This thought came up again when I read this short comment. We have many, many, many, many, many blog posts about random, unimportant (sometimes not even Nitrome-related) things. Now I'm not trying to put anyone down or point any fingers, because I think it's okay to do those blog posts once in a while (say, 3-5 months). But when they are posted every week or month, they are just taking up space on the wiki. This is a discussion page for if we should do anything about that, so don't get the wrong idea (I'm not saying "those are stupid blog posts so we should stop making them and delete them".).

What say you?

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