Hello. It's me. I was just looking at Youtube on my Nitrome account, and I think I found the last person. I have subscribed to all the Nitrome wiki users' Youtube channels, which, by the way are:

  • Nitromian- Lilonow
  • underwatersuperstar- Random-storykeeper

I'm not sure how I found these channels except that I recognized the avatars wich are the same as on the wiki. If I have not listed your Youtube channel, please leave a comment on what it is so I can find it.

Also, I was wonderig if anyone on this wiki plays Terraria. It's a downloadable game that is really fun. I challenge anyone that plays to a fight, or jst to hang out.

Anyway, that's pretty much it.


P.S has anyone played with the snowflakes on YouTube? you can click a little button on the bottom that makes snowflakes come down on the screen, and you can use your mouse as the wind to blow them around :D Hours of fun.

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