Ok, here is a story about what to me when Nitrome Must Die came out.

I got up bright and early (well, ok, mabey it wasn't bright. It was still a little dark out). I sat around, watching cartoons, and stuff like that- school was out because it was Thanksgiving. After a little while, I turned on the computer. I thought to myself, "Today's the day Nitrome Must Die comes out!". I got on the internet, and immedetly clicked on Nitrome (which is on my favorites bar). But, to my dismay, the skin was still the same, and the games had not changed. I didn't really feel like playing another Nitrome game at the moment, so I just got up to the computer and left.

Later, I came back, and found the screen just as I had left it- on the games page of the Nitrome website. Not expecting to much, I clicked the refresh button, and, to my suprise, I found a whole new background! The games had not changed, but I went and clicked on the word Nitrome to go to the Nitrome homepage. When it loaded, I found that the new game was out! Finnaly! I clicked on it, and watched it load. After the intro, I clicked play, and changed the key settings to match my prefrence. I started playing, and, after a few levels, I decided I wasen't going to stop! I was going to keep on playing until I beat the game! After playing for hours, I was on the 4th boss (which happened to be Blue), and it was time to eat the Thanksgiving lunch/dinner/supper/whatever you want to call it.

After eating, I played a bunch more levels, until I was on level 50-something (somwhere in the 50's). Sadly, I was then forced to get off, brcause I had been playing for too long. But, it was actually a lucky break, because I was on an impossibly hard level, where you had to defeat 50 of those little ghost guys from Cave Chaos. Every time one got near to me, it would jump on me, and chew on me until I died. Unfortanatly, I couldn't figure out how to get them off me, and I was getting really frustrated. I plan on playing again next week, and try to beat the game. I haven't been the Nitrome games for a while, because I was taking a break to play Terraria.

I hope you haven't fallen asleep already by my ridiculously long story, and if anyone knows how to get those little guys off your head (which I'm not sure is even possible), then please leave a comment about it, or message me on my talk page.

A-bde-bde-bde-bde-a that's all folks!

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