Hey, I haven't had a blog post in a while so I thought i'd make one.

The Lorax

I went to see the Lorax on opening night in an Imax theater' in 3-D! It was pretty cool, being 3-D in a giant Imax theater, and the movie was pretty good too. I can see some users (like RSK) seem to like the movie also.

Skywire V.I.P- Extended

Yay! It came out today! I beat right when it came out (Thanks to Takeshi). I got #9 on the high-scores (although I could have got a better score if I wasen't having spelling problems). I also saw Takeshi and JuanJLF on the hi-scores, so congratulations to those guys.

Anyway, I hope eveyones enjoying their day and the new Nitrome fanfiction wiki!

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