Okay, I just downloaded Minecraft today because, well, accoring to everybody it is supposed to be really awsome. I have been playing it, and I don't like it as much, but for some reason it is really addictive. I'm not sure why, but I just keep wanting to go back and build my house more for some reason. Due to this, I will probably be playing the game excessivly until my craze wears out, and then I will come back and continue editing the Nitrome wiki. So, if I am somewhat inactive lately, that is whey I will be gone. Cya till later!

P.S If any of you play Minecraft I will be happy to play a multiplayer server with you. Just contact me via this page's comments or my talk page.

Update (6-26-12)

I am sad to say but I am already bored of it and done playing. I will now return to the wiki and edit. Kind of a waste of money...

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