Hello everyone! It's me, Emitewiki2... you know, the guy who always leaves for some reason and then comes back and then leaves again. Anyway, I just wanted to give the reasoning to my recent disappearance from the wiki.

Long story short: Our internet went ku-put and I was not able to get on the Nitrome wiki (or many other sites) at all. Me and my family were completely mystified by this, and after a few months and a lot of money we finally found out the problem. We needed a new modem. The end. =/

So that's where I have been for the past few months, and I also want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes even though I wasn't around =D I really appreciate those!

Back in action, Jack Frost runningEmitewiki2Purple Frost running 20:51, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

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