Huh. Where to start?

Well, back in the days of yore, when I was REALLY into editing, I always knew it would have to probably end some day, and I always had planned to make this post on that day. As in, a goodbye post. When I left. Back then I thought I would know exactly when I was finished with the wiki, and I planned to make a big, long, heart-felt post about all my experiences with the wiki and how many good times I had and whatnot. I didn't expect to slowly get so busy that I phased out of the wiki and barely had time to check it, much less edit it (I guess that was pretty naïve of me not to predict that).

Being away from the wiki for a number of months, I doubt this goodbye will be as heart-felt as I had intended when I was on fire for the Wiki. But there's a good chance it will still be long. I seem to be good at dragging things out.

I LOVED editing here when I first started five years ago (sheesh, has it only been that long? It feels like a lifetime!). I was in middle school at the time, and nearly every day after school I would come home and check the Wiki Activity and edit. One year I dedicated nearly my entire summer vacation to editing the wiki... I probably missed out on a lot of real-life things I could have been doing but hey, at least I can now say here that I did it :P. I always have had an infatuation for cataloging and databasing things, and I hate to think of any information in history being lost. I still to this day have an obsession with preserving stuff.

When I first began editing here the community was super awesome. I really loved interacting with all of the users at that time, and felt like I was a part of a club or just a close-knit community. Even though I never met any of you in real life (and in fact didn't even start learning any kind of personal information about you until years later), I felt as if every one of you were my close friends. The core group at that time if I recall correctly were people like NOBODY, Random-storykeeper, Santiago González Martín, Takeshi64, Bluefire2, Grammar Cat, Axiy, Someonethatyouprobablydontknow, TinyCastleGuy, and The Nitrome Yeti, but in the years to come I even became friends with people like AustinCarter4Ever, The Mysteryous user, Frostyflytrap, SQhi, CanD, and others! So even though we never met in real life, and most of us haven't even talked outside of the confines of the Nitrome Wiki, I want to thank each and every one of you for being an influential part of my life and being super awesome people to interact with :). I know a lot of the memories I made here in the past years are ones that I carry with me today, and will probably remember for the rest of my life.

Some highlights of my time on the Nitrome Wiki were:

  • The Nitrome Wiki comics (especially the Christmas one!)
  • My request for adminship (which, as I look back at now, I find it extremely hilarious and extremely mortifying that in my sentence where I boast to have good grammar and to never spell anything wrong, I spell the word grammar as "grammer").
  • Adding a plethora of pictures to the interactive objects page of Mega Mash when the game first came out. (As .jpg's, no less!)
  • Reworking the Underwater worm page (probably because I spent most of that day doing it)
  • Long chat conversations with Random-storykeeper and Takeshi64. (Thanks, guys!)

These are only a sampling of some of the zillions of memories I have on the wiki (these just happen to be some of the most prominent).

There were also two other crazy ideas I had in the time that I edited the Wiki that I always intended to carry out. One of them was that as soon as I was out of the house (or at least was out of high school), I wanted to plan a trip for all the admins to go to London and meet the Nitrome team at their headquarters. I legitimately think I could have pulled this together if I had retained an attention span to the Wiki long enough into my older ages. But alas, it seems as if it is not to be :)

My other crazy plan/idea was for when I was going to leave the wiki. It was a project called "The Faces of the Wiki" and I was going to post a picture of my face to the wiki to show ya'll who it is that you've been interacting with all these years, and then I was going to challenge the other users of the wiki to do the same thing. I really don't have a drive to do that any more, so that's thing number two that will go by the wayside forever to be forgotten.

So this is my official resignation from the wiki. As I get older, life has gotten progressively more hectic and busy and I don't have nearly as much time to spend doing entertainment things like editing wikis as I used to. In addition to that, though, I guess I just kind of feel like it's time for me to move on - that firey passion I had to edit just isn't there anymore. I'm not at all saying that the wiki is a bad place or something childish, it just is something that I personally don't have as much of an attraction to do in my free time anymore. I may pop in every great once in a while to see how things are going, to say hi, or to do an edit or two, but I doubt I will ever stay. Or maybe I won't remember to look back at all. Who knows?

If you've ever wondered who that dude you were editing with was, though, I guess I can reveal a little bit of private information on the interwebs (I hope the dang hackers don't find me). This is a picture of me now, at age 18(!):

Some_random_kid.jpg (and no, this doesn't mean I changed my mind about not wanting everyone else to post pictures of themselves. You all are off the hook this time ;) )

For all you new users out there, I hope you take the opportunity to make this wiki a spectacular part of your life, just like I did! And for all you veterans who are hanging around long after me, rock on! Keep enjoying the wiki and making it a great place for other people to enjoy.

Again, thanks for the awesome experience of getting to collaborate with, edit together, and have fun with all of you. I hope you all have awesome lives and never lose your passion for preserving information! You all are wonderful people.

Signing off for the last time,

--Ethan AKA Emitewiki2 Jack Frost runningEmitewiki2Purple Frost running

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