Yep, you read it right... I am back! *cues music* ♪La-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la-la-laaa-la!♫ And now half of you new users are like: "Who is this guy?"

Some of you may have noticed anytime from now since January 5th that I had placed an edited version of the {{Inactive}} template on my page, announcing that I was temporarily inactive. It looked a bit like this:

Napping Guard
Temporarily Inactive User

Emitewiki2/Emitewiki2.... RETURNS?!? has taken a break from the Nitrome Wiki, or temporarily finished doing edits.
For this reason, if you send him/her a message, he/she may not respond to it for a long time.
When this editor returns to The Nitrome Wiki, he/she may remove this template.
If you're searching Nitrome Wiki admins, see Nitrome:Administrators.

So what was I doing while I was gone, and why did I leave in the first place? Well, it all started when my friend put up a Minecraft server (of course). I started playing on it, and soon I was a Mod. For a while before that, I had been getting kind of bored of the wiki anyway, and having a loathing toward editing. I decided I just needed a break, but I felt a little like I was leaving or betraying the wiki. So I added the template, and did not edit until now (looking back, my break wasn't really that long... only about a month.).

Now, what happened while I was gone? Not much by the looks of it. Nitrome released Plunger, and some new Pixel Love games. As I look through the Recent changes, it looks like only NOBODY and Ayerman have been editing a lot lately (why am I not surprised?), what happened to everyone else??

Well, long story short: I'm back and ready to edit! Yay!

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