Well hello, It's saturday here in the States and I just got today for editing (yesterday we had an extra school day). I have been stressing out a little bit because I knew in the blog last week Nitrome had said they "would be introducing something a little different". I was just hoping to goodness that it was not Nitrome 3.0 with accounts because I did not want to miss that. So when I got on this morning, I went on and to my suprise found-

Cave Chaos 2!

Well, I went to play it but pulled up the Nitrome wiki in another tab. I read all the blog posts and commented on most of them and found that many people did not enjoy Cave Chaos 2 as much as I thought they would. So after reading all the blog posts I went and played Cave Chaos 2 and found flaws, just by playing level one.

Thing I didn't like

  • The bats take too long to appear, and once they do, they appear out of nowhere and are way too fast. This starteled me at first because I did not expect them to becoming at such high speeds. Also, I keep having to wait until the next bats come.
  • The creamy paint graphics in my opinion were not as good as the artwork from the prequel. Everything has kind of a weird texture to it that I wasen't a fan of

My biggest problem, however, is that I am stuck on level 2. When I get the double jump, I can't double jump. When I jump normally my guy just does a little flip that dosen't get me much higher. Does anyone know what to do about this? Is it a glitch? What's the trick to double jumping (I tried pressing the up arrow twice but it does nothing.)?

Overall, I liked the first Cave Chaos game better, and give this one a 5/10 stars so far.

Farewell, I am off to go and try to figure out how to double jump and get past the first 100 feet of level 2.

Random Update:

I just went and played it (after I published this blog post) and now for some reason the double jump works when I press jump twice. I guess it was a bug.

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