Hello everyone! Emitewiki2 here with some big news!

Summer has come, and you know that means: Free time! (well, for some of us). And you know what free time means: Lots of Nitrome Wiki editing! (well, again, for some of us).

So with that free time I decided to finally initate an idea that I've been putting off for a long time. That idea is Project Standardize! This is a project with the goal of standardizing the names of all the images on the Nitrome Wiki.


The Nitrome Wiki has grown pretty large over the years, and at our current size I think it is time that we we have some sort of standardization for all images on the wiki. With over 15,200 files on our site, it can be difficult to find an image you are looking for since they are all uploaded under whatever name the uploader wants. If we standardized all the names of images, looking through all of the available images for the topic you want could be as simple as typing in the name of the game it is in.


My current rough-draft idea for what we should name images is as follows:


The gamename parameter would be the name of the game (if it is an image of a module or something from Nitrome's site, the gamename would be "site," and if it was anything else it would be listed as "other"). The objecttype parameter would be one of the types of objects from the list of object types: hazard, enemy, character, int-ob (interactive object), feature, or other. The subject parameter would be whatever the subject of the picture was.

So for example, File:Electrical Blocks.png would be renamed to canary/hazard/electric-blockFile:Fan spinning.gif would be renamed to hot-air/int-ob/fan-spinning, and File:Fluffykins.png would be renamed to mega-mash/character/fluffykins.

I will personally oversee the project to make sure it gets done. I don't want this to end up being some started but failed and forgotten about like Project Revise. I will make sure that work continues on it by checking in with project members to check up on progress and give encouragement.

NOTE: I has been brought to my attention that moving files requires at least admin permissions. Due to this, any non-admin user can help by adding this template to a page, and entering the new title (as outlined above) in the template's parameter.

The next step

This is just a rough plan, and there are a lot of decisions that need to be made concerning the project. So if you have any questions, concerns, support, whatever, head over to the Project Standardize forum topic and voice it there, or just plop something down in the comments of this blog post. Once the project is fully fleshed out and ready to go, I'll start accepting volunteers willing to participate in the project.

Thanks for reading!

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