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    November 7, 2016 by Emitewiki2

    Huh. Where to start?

    Well, back in the days of yore, when I was REALLY into editing, I always knew it would have to probably end some day, and I always had planned to make this post on that day. As in, a goodbye post. When I left. Back then I thought I would know exactly when I was finished with the wiki, and I planned to make a big, long, heart-felt post about all my experiences with the wiki and how many good times I had and whatnot. I didn't expect to slowly get so busy that I phased out of the wiki and barely had time to check it, much less edit it (I guess that was pretty naïve of me not to predict that).

    Being away from the wiki for a number of months, I doubt this goodbye will be as heart-felt as I had intended when I was on fire for …

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    Combining enemy pages

    August 28, 2015 by Emitewiki2

    Hello everyone! Emitewiki2 here again with another probably controversial proposal!

    I don't feel like giving a ton of back-story or anything so I'm going to cut right to the chase: I want to propose that we combine each games' enemies into one page for each game.

    For example, having all the Rockitty enemies on one page, all the Canopy enemies on another, etc.

    Now woah woah woah! Don't immediately put up your defenses just because we as people naturally resist change - hear me out first.

    Why should we do it? Well, one reason is that the casual reader doesn't come to the Wiki to read about one single enemy, but they do usually come for a single game (or series). In terms of this, it is just more convenient for them to have all the enemies on one pa…

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    Okay, hopefully this is the last blog post I have to create about this topic because hopefully everyone will agree this time around about what is being proposed.

    Instead of Project Standardize and instead of my alternate proposition, I am hoping we can tweak the Manual of Style. This proposition is to change the guidelines of our wiki to encourage users to include the game name and the component name (what it is a picture of) in the title of the image when uploading images. The recommendation would be to title it in that order so that we may also get the added benefit of some users possibly using it to search for images by typing in the game name.

    Thanks everybody! If you have any concerns, head over to the forum topic about this proposition…

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    Okay, it's me again! I've read through all of the feedback for Project Standardize, and it looks like many people do not want to take on the project because it is too large of a project where the end result will not justify the amount of work it takes. I'm not going to try to argue people to the ground because if they really are opposed to doing all that work I can't think of anything I can say that will change their minds.

    However, I still think this is a worthy cause that needs to be addressed, so I am altering my proposal.

    Instead of going and changing all of the old images to the new title format, I propose changing our rules for uploading images so that they must be uploaded with the title in the Project: Standardize format. This requir…

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    A new project!

    June 17, 2015 by Emitewiki2

    Hello everyone! Emitewiki2 here with some big news!

    Summer has come, and you know that means: Free time! (well, for some of us). And you know what free time means: Lots of Nitrome Wiki editing! (well, again, for some of us).

    So with that free time I decided to finally initate an idea that I've been putting off for a long time. That idea is Project Standardize! This is a project with the goal of standardizing the names of all the images on the Nitrome Wiki.

    The Nitrome Wiki has grown pretty large over the years, and at our current size I think it is time that we we have some sort of standardization for all images on the wiki. With over 15,200 files on our site, it can be difficult to find an image you are looking for since they are all uploade…

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