• Crystal lucario


    July 8, 2009 by Crystal lucario

    This is where I shall post all Nitrome related news.


    Two cats are better than one, or at least this is Nitrome's thought as they prepare a sequel to Twin Shot apparantly with the choice of Good or Evil.

    -Stay tuned.

    New Game!

    -Again stay here for news.

    1st- MochiCoins, you pay some money, you get more levels and things, Twin Shot 2 - Good and Evil will be one of the first games to include this new feature. But, is it worth it? Nitrome has revealed one buyable thing will be an evil level pack with 50 more levels. A screen capture was also included.

    See the Nitrome blog for three new trailers.

    --Stick around. -Stay tuned.

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