Hi! Did you Know That Phrases such as, Timer On, Me In Rot, Term I No, Men Trio & other phrases.......can be rearranged to Spell NITROME

Full list:

Mine Rot

Mine Ort

Mine Tor

Mien Rot

Mien Ort

Mien Tor

Miner To

Emir Ton

Emir Not

Mire Ton

Mire Not

Rime Ton

Rime Not

Remit No

Remit On

Merit No

Merit On

Timer No

Timer On

Miter No

Miter On

Mitre No

Mitre On

Time Nor

Mite Nor

Emit Nor

Item Nor

Rein Mot

Rein Tom

Nitre Om

Inert Om

Niter Om

Inter Om

Tie Norm

Tie Morn

Em Intro

Me Intro

Men Riot

Men Tiro

Men Trio

Mentor I

More Tin

More Nit

Metro In

Rem Into

Term Ion

Met Iron

One Trim

Eon Trim

Toner Mi

Tenor Mi

Tone Rim

Note Rim

Roe Mint

Ore Mint

Tie Mr No

Tie Mr On

Em I Torn

Em In Rot

Em In Ort

Em In Tor

Em Tin Or

Em Nit Or

Em Ti Nor

Em It Nor

Me I Torn

Me In Rot

Me In Ort

Me In Tor

Me Tin Or

Me Nit Or

Me Ti Nor

Me It Nor

Men I Rot

Men I Ort

Men I Tor

Men Ti Or

Men It Or

Rem I Ton

Rem I Not

Rem In To

Rem Ti No

Rem Ti On

Rem It No

Rem It On

Term I No

Term I On

Met I Nor

Met In Or

En Mi Rot

En Mi Ort

En Mi Tor

En Rim To

Tern I Om

Rent I Om

Ten Mi Or

Net Mi Or

Re Mi Ton

Re Mi Not

Re In Mot

Re In Tom

Re Tin Om

Re Nit Om

En I Mr To

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