aka Lucas

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is®_Studios_Wiki
  • I am MALE
  • Crotocall

    Fave Game?

    August 28, 2011 by Crotocall

    Hey Dudes! I Just Finished Silly Sausage which, in my Opinion, Is The Funnest Game Nitrome has Given Me. How Bout you? What's The Funnest Nitrome Game out There??

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  • Crotocall

    Gone for good

    May 23, 2010 by Crotocall

    Forget it Guys. I Have More Time Now.

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  • Crotocall

    Timer On

    April 26, 2010 by Crotocall

    Hi! Did you Know That Phrases such as, Timer On, Me In Rot, Term I No, Men Trio & other phrases.......can be rearranged to Spell NITROME

    Mine Rot

    Mine Ort

    Mine Tor

    Mien Rot

    Mien Ort

    Mien Tor

    Miner To

    Emir Ton

    Emir Not

    Mire Ton

    Mire Not

    Rime Ton

    Rime Not

    Remit No

    Remit On

    Merit No

    Merit On

    Timer No

    Timer On

    Miter No

    Miter On

    Mitre No

    Mitre On

    Time Nor

    Mite Nor

    Emit Nor

    Item Nor

    Rein Mot

    Rein Tom

    Nitre Om

    Inert Om

    Niter Om

    Inter Om

    Tie Norm

    Tie Morn

    Em Intro

    Me Intro

    Men Riot

    Men Tiro

    Men Trio

    Mentor I

    More Tin

    More Nit

    Metro In

    Rem Into

    Term Ion

    Met Iron

    One Trim

    Eon Trim

    Toner Mi

    Tenor Mi

    Tone Rim

    Note Rim

    Roe Mint

    Ore Mint

    Tie Mr No

    Tie Mr On

    Em I Torn

    Em In Rot

    Em In Ort

    Em In Tor

    Em Tin Or

    Em Nit Or

    Em Ti Nor

    Em It Nor

    Me I Torn

    Me In Rot

    Me In Ort

    Me In Tor

    Me Tin Or

    Me Nit Or

    Me Ti Nor

    Me It Nor

    Men I Rot

    Men I Or…

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