Hi, this is Captain Falcon here, unofficialy officially resigning from the Nitrome wiki. I am sad to say that I will be unable to be in chat nor edit anymore.

Well, atleast until the two weeks is up. As some may know, I take a yearly trip to Pennsylvania to a farm. It's for three weeks and there are lots of cows. If I do get on, it is because My sister was kind enough to let me borrow her Iphone 4 and we had wifi.

I'll be mostly swimming and will be doing mostly that and the sort. Besides the Cows and the Eight Hour car ride that's most of what I look forward to. I am sad to say that I will leave on Friday of this week and return two weeks later on Sunday.

I will only come back on Monday though because we will arive here late.

Until then, HAI!!!!

Calamari-redsquidCandD (Peanut Gallery!)Chicken Weapon 23:42, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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