Hey, all!

As you may know I've been notably absent for an extremely amount of time. Yes, I feel like I've missed so much while I was gone! I'm trying to catch up with everyone and, hopefully, get back on to editing more frequently. Instead of rambling about how long I've been gone and all that puny stuff, I think it'd be best to reintroduce myself for any new children out there. Here's a list of some achievments that have happened over a while:

  • Became administrator on the Scribblenauts wiki. More or less, I run that place an am guilty to frequenting it more than here. What can you say? I try.
  • I made one edit today :)
  • I successfully beat the Final Four (Soul Silver). Pokemon seems to be a thing around here....
  • I've helped out around some other wikis...
  • My life is boring .-.

That's all! Hope to talk to everyone some more! Calamari-redsquidCandD (Peanut Gallery!)Chicken Weapon 00:20, February 23, 2014 (UTC)

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