Well, recently I recieved Catching fire (Hunger Games book) from a friend person that I know through my family......

Well, on first reading it guess what page I was on! Winner gets something special!

After about a week I'm on page 200 and something. I read several chapters today (April 19) and can't feel my Eyes!!!! :D

I really hope they make a movie about this one, so far it's not better than Hunger Games though. I'm just at the part where they start training. Of all things in the book knowing she would get picked to go in the arena again was obvious, I've already correctly inferred parts up to my page without cheating, so I hope to keep the score rising!

I'de have to say that if they make a movie about it, it would be better-ish than the first one. I've already read some action scenes, but I hope that they sincerely keep the whole love-birds thing down to a minimum in the movie.

IF ANYONE SPOILS IT FOR ME (the book)..... I WILL BE EXTREMELY UPSET, and put you on my beheading list next to my friend!

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