WOOT! 1004 Edits (including this)! First off, I'd like to thank the following people:

  • The Wiki Troll, without him, id've never reached 1000.
  • NOBODY, for always doing..... nothing.
  • Myself, duh.
  • Dr.Phil, 50% of this connects to him somehow.

Thank you everyone! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

To keep this from boring most....

A list of stuff:

  • I finally started to finish watching Invader Zim.
  • I got Minecraft demo, which is terrible -_-
  • NOBODY found joy in trolls. o-O
  • thats about everything

Congrats :D

School update

Yes, I started school this week. and it goes from seven till four, taking up my old prime time. So I probably can't contribute much any more. If you must know, I'm in Highschool (even though billy thinks I'm not) so If I don't contribute, its because of the homework.

cya guys!

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