So, recently this week I've had lots of fun. Sure I haven't contributed alot but I have good reasons. So heres how mah week went:(Events ranking highest(#) are better)

  1. I got to throw a pie at my math teacher today!!!! I didn't want to do it, but I had too.
  2. For those who have heard, yes I have a Latin EOC. I've already taken it, and supprisingly it was easier than I though it would be. I'm quite sure I did great!
  3. I've gotten the idea of founding a new wiki for WarioWare DIY or just a random wiki for Wizards! No not Harry potter or wizard games, more of a spoof wizard wiki where you can do whatever.
  4. I've updated some of my pages recently, especially my template.

So how have you guys been doing? Especially; Guy, Jimmy, Joey, Phil, Larry, and Billy (teehee!). I know of the recent despute between Language and Banning it. I say bann it to just rid us all of it! All this fighting is really bad for your intestinal track!!! And blood-pressure!!

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