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  • CandD

    I'm Back-ish

    February 23, 2014 by CandD

    Hey, all!

    As you may know I've been notably absent for an extremely amount of time. Yes, I feel like I've missed so much while I was gone! I'm trying to catch up with everyone and, hopefully, get back on to editing more frequently. Instead of rambling about how long I've been gone and all that puny stuff, I think it'd be best to reintroduce myself for any new children out there. Here's a list of some achievments that have happened over a while:

    • Became administrator on the Scribblenauts wiki. More or less, I run that place an am guilty to frequenting it more than here. What can you say? I try.
    • I made one edit today :)
    • I successfully beat the Final Four (Soul Silver). Pokemon seems to be a thing around here....
    • I've helped out around some other w…
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  • CandD

    CandD 1004

    August 24, 2012 by CandD

    WOOT! 1004 Edits (including this)! First off, I'd like to thank the following people:

    • The Wiki Troll, without him, id've never reached 1000.
    • NOBODY, for always doing..... nothing.
    • Myself, duh.
    • Dr.Phil, 50% of this connects to him somehow.

    Thank you everyone! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

    A list of stuff:

    • I finally started to finish watching Invader Zim.
    • I got Minecraft demo, which is terrible -_-
    • NOBODY found joy in trolls. o-O
    • thats about everything

    Congrats :D

    Yes, I started school this week. and it goes from seven till four, taking up my old prime time. So I probably can't contribute much any more. If you must know, I'm in Highschool (even though billy thinks I'm not) so If I don't contribute, its because of the homework.

    cya guys!

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  • CandD

    The doctor is IN

    July 30, 2012 by CandD

    HAI HAI HAI HAI HAI HAI HAI HAI HAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 RASPURAUGH!!!!!

    I'm finally back after my 17 days in the PA!!! I had lots to do, but we didn't do much, so it gave my brain lots of thinking time. But first, let us review:

    I went to PA, which is an 8 hour drive, for 17 days. Today I am unpacking, as to I arrived here yesterday. I was a little dissappointed that only five people seen my Adieu (if that's how you spell it). So I'm going to do something extra special for those who noticed :D I'm bummed down with responding to people's concerned messages on my talk pages about whatever. I seen lots of cows and went swimming alot :)

    • I got my (i guess it's my "first") first pokemon game!!! It cost my absolutely nothing!!! Because a child ha…

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  • CandD

    Hi, this is Captain Falcon here, unofficialy officially resigning from the Nitrome wiki. I am sad to say that I will be unable to be in chat nor edit anymore.

    Well, atleast until the two weeks is up. As some may know, I take a yearly trip to Pennsylvania to a farm. It's for three weeks and there are lots of cows. If I do get on, it is because My sister was kind enough to let me borrow her Iphone 4 and we had wifi.

    I'll be mostly swimming and will be doing mostly that and the sort. Besides the Cows and the Eight Hour car ride that's most of what I look forward to. I am sad to say that I will leave on Friday of this week and return two weeks later on Sunday.

    I will only come back on Monday though because we will arive here late.

    Until then, HAI!…

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  • CandD

    Okay guys, possibly I may not be able to visit for a while and edit. I'll try to see what I can do, but that will still stay a maybe.

    The good news is, Randomness just caused me to level up to number ten! and over 1000 points! oddly, randomness never saves you on scribblenauts wiki no matter how much you edit endlessly for hours on end.

    The inactivity may not last a long time because school lets out in four days, and what else do you thing I'm REALLY going to do for almost three months. I'm betting It won't last any more then four days.


    So until around four days is over; so long Larry, Billy (hehehe), Guy, Phil ( I think he's leaving too?), Mr.…

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