Dear friends and fans of the Nitrome Wiki, I have worked hard on this site to help it grow and prosper, and have seen it in its best and worse. Unfortunately, my help must come to an end, as all good things do. It has been an honor of mine to work on this great site, and to have made friends like NOBODY, CL, and Seri. I first started helping on this site 3 years ago at age 12, as a fun way to share my love of gaming and Nitrome. I am now 15, trying to get my own game published, studying the Bible, and working as a specially-employed worker in a local store (in my state you can work at 14 with special permission) over the summer. In spite of my continuing love of gaming, I am not able to keep up some of my hobbies with a busy summer schedule and even busier school schedule. Nitrome Wiki is one of these Hobbies. I would just like to thank everyone for helping this wiki become so great, and say I am sorry but... goodbye.

  • Note: Please don't delete or edit any of my pages (except adding to my talk) or user rights! If I decide to come back I would like it to be as easy as possible! (no promises :() I am also going to still be checking my talk and blog pages (but MUCH less frequently), so if there is a serious problem or request for adminship, I may still help with those.

Best Regards, Bulbear

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