so, three or so days ago i chanced upon the orange dragon serpent page, and discovered that the only picture of it was a shot of the head. after visiting the other sky serpents articles i discovered the same was true of the other serpents. i thought it was a bit of a shame you could only see the head of these mighty beasts here on the wiki, so i embarked on a little project to change that. i revisited the sky serpants game and bagan taking photos of each of the serpents. due to the large size of the serpents the vast majority of them could not be seen on screen all at once, so i had to to take quite a few different pictures of each serpent and then segment together. apart from the serpents moving, various objects in the foreground made getting a complete, clear picture of each serpent somewhat harder, the worst of which was the fog, present on the octopus and bird serpent's levels. while i managed to put together a relativly good image of the octopus serpent, the bird serpent proved impossible, so i had to settle with an unedited picture of it. after piecing the photograph's segments together came the tedious task of cutting the serpents out from the background, a part of the work that took most of the time. despite these difficulties, i managed to get relativly good completre images of all the sky serpents. here they are:

Octopus serpant

Volcano serpant

Purple dragon

Red warthog

the entire red warthog serpent

Eel serpentIce dragonRed dragonBullStone guyBird serpentFifth serpantPihranaMantaGreen dragonOrange dragon

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