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  • Bluefire2

    As most of you will know, I haven't really played many Nitrome games. As a result, my ability to add material information to this wiki is severely impaired. The only game that I have completed is Rubble Trouble Moscow (and I've come quite close to nailing Swindler and Test Subject Blue), and I plan to increase that.

    Now here comes the crazy bit. I plan to increase the amount of Nitrome gaming experience I have by completing every single Nitrome game ever made. I will start this crazy project in 2 weeks or so, and it will take some time. I will enter a sort of "hibernation" on the wiki, which means I will be inactive for the next 2 months or so. The plan is to quickly smash through the levels of all the games, and I will be needing your help.…

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  • Bluefire2


    May 12, 2012 by Bluefire2

    This is my very first blog post (!!!) :P Anyway, since apparently you guys are too squeamish to look at some words, there has been vigorous opposition of this, which is featured on my userpage. I don't, however, want to delete it, so the plan is that I just replace the text so NOBODY in particular doesn't have a heart attack every time he sees it (lol jk :D). Since I'm not very good on the creative side of things, I came up with an awesome idea: I will get you guys to do all the work for me since I can't be bothered have a contest to see who can give me the best idea for what to write on it! So, you're free to post your entries in the form of comments below. There is absolutely no limit to how many entries/ideas one person may submit, just …

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