Hi everybody! Today I have some cool news about a new userbox I have created! That's right- using the ingenious code presented in the GamesBeaten userbox, I have created my own userbox with a similar function! It is called.... the FavoriteColor userbox! Basically, you add the template to your userpage, enter in your favorite color after the pipe (capitalization does not matter, more about that on the template page) and, ta-da! You now have a userbox that is the same color as the one you entered! Isn't that awesome? Anyway, be sure to check it out, maybe play around with different colors, and perhaps even add it to your own userpage! That's all for now, folks. Have a great day!

Here's the link to the template page for more information:

Here's the code for the userbox template (The "color" after the pipe is substituted with your favorite color):


And here's the blank template:

This user's favorite color is {{{1}}}!

Thanks for reading!  :D

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