Hi everybody! This has sure been a productive week for me: I learned how to create a sig with help from Takeshi64 (he even created the nicest little gift for me: a steering peg from Squawk with Auto on it! Thank you again Takeshi!), and I even used that knowledge to create three new userboxes! To turn them into templates, I got help from Santi, so thank you as well. Anyway, here they are:

Power House This user generates lots of edits on a daily basis!
Aquanaut Submarine This user enjoys exploring new places and trying new things!
60px-Wall%E2%80%A2e.png This user is a WALL-E fanatic!

Aren't they amazing?  :P Feel free to use them on your userpages- I made them for you guys! (Oh, and I also love making userboxes, so if you want one, you can request one here! Although you all probably know that such a page exists, but still!)

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