Hello everyone! A few days ago, I decided to create an account for the Nitrome Wiki on YouTube, since it already had one on Facebook and Twitter! At first, I wondered what I could use the account for, or what videos I could upload. Well, I came up with an idea! You know the Battle of the Week page that a decent amount of readers and editors vote on weekly? Well, I decided to make a video "advertising" that!

I used Microsoft PowerPoint to do it, if you don't notice that from the video. I also used a screen recorder to record the presentation because there wasn't a way to upload it to YouTube. (This made it a bit laggy, since the recorder had to record nearly the whole screen, but not by too much.) I also added in some fitting music to accompany the "battle" theme! I think I like the result! Hopefully it will attract some YouTube watchers to our wiki because the Battle of the Week might sound interesting to them. Anyway, now that I've set up the basic "template" with the first video, it will be easy to make videos weekly. Hope you enjoy!

For past Battle of the Week videos, please proceed to: User:Ayernam/Battle of the Week videos

Video Update

I have decided to discontinue the BotW video series for now, as the original reason for the videos (to attract new users) didn't really work. I still enjoyed creating the videos for each battle, and I also enjoyed reading your feedback. In the future, perhaps the channel can be used for other videos, such as the "Nitrome Exploration" videos Frosty mentioned. Thanks for watching!

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