Hi everybody! Some of you might have heard of a channel on Youtube called Vsauce . In case you haven't, it's a channel about a guy named Micheal who posts videos every week about weird stuff that is crazy, yet interesting as well. Most of them are about science and the Internet. Anyway, he has this playlist called DONGs, or things that you can Do Online Now, Guys. I was watching a few, and playing a couple online games that he discussed, when I saw that Parasite was one of the featured games! I was so excited that I immediately wanted to write a blog post about it, because A, having a Nitrome game on a Vsauce video is way awesome! and B, I wanted to test out my skills with the Youtube extension. So here it is! (By the way, Micheal doesn't actually talk about Parasite, but rather another person, because he "didn't have time to research more DONGs that week" as he says in the video. And also, if you don't want to listen to all of the other randomness in the video, just skip to 1:55. Enjoy!)

Watch this video

Yes! I even made it centered too!


That's right, folks! There is yet another Nitrome game mention in a Vsauce video! What game is it? Well, watch the video to find out! Enjoy!

Watch this video

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