Hey guys,

I've been making some fanart these days and my 7-9 hours of studying and 1 hour of playing is now 7-8 hours of studying and 2 hours of playing that means I have more time and I want to share you some pictures of my fanart. I finished 2/3 of it and I will show you some pictures but ask me if you want to see the whole thing the people are mutiny people sizes and it's small. The guys are taking place in Hot Air, Chick Flick and Ribbit. I put characters from almost all of the games. This is not my only fanart I also have Steamlands fanart and Mutiny 2 fanart ask me if you want to see it.

File:Map Preview 9.png

What some of you wanted to see

File:Mutiny 2 Nitrome Wiki.pngFile:Steamlands Stuff for Nitrome Wiki.png

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