Welcome to Axiy news 2 here are the subjects we will be talking about.

1.Axiy News

2.Rahama's Kids


4.Big Freeze


Axiy News

Axiy News existed almost one month! That's alot right! And now we got a Twitter version of Axiy News don't just read Axiy News on the computer, read it on the IPhone here! And now we got a new Paintblower they are my people and they work for me don't forget we have a wheater reporter in Minecraft.

  • Minecraft Axiy: It rain'n.

File:Minecraft Rainin.png'

And back to Axiynews, sports Lockehorn vs Toxic in tennis. 3-3 they both won!

Rahama's Kids

As some of you know, Rahama has kids they have names Spike, Lagama, Rahama Junior, Isabella, Talama, Annabella, as some of you know Annabella is now RSK's pet. And in my userpage only Rahama junior and Annabella can be seen on a baby photo. And I don't have much to say hmm, Rahama's birthday is in June 29th lol close to my birthday but summer vacation for Dutch people start at July, that means less vacation, or maybe more, I hope more because I have alot of money and I need to spend it.


That's right, Rainbogeddon is released and I spell it correctly like Rain-Bog-Ed-Don and a Grey Creature has to pass 40 levels to comple Read More>> It would be to much to write down but in the great save story the user: Lilonow has adopted a Grey Creature congratulations!

Big Freeze attacking

Big Freeze has came to Europe finally but for some people not Big Freeze froze people from Poland (My granparents live there) but my grandparents survived and now it's in The Netherlands but not that cold. On this picture it shows from left to right: Me, My brother, My friend, My other friend, but this didn't really happen.

LockehornLockehorn RabbitBlue ElkLockehorn on Snow

And back to Axiynews, there is more tennis, Skeleton (Small Fry) vs Sniper Green Enzyme well they both lost there was no wall for the Sniper Green Enzyme and the Skeleton (Small Fry) lost because his bones would crack so it's 0-0.


The ending of Axiy News, a fresh quiz. Remember, don't cheat (look at other people's comments or reread pages. And if you answer all of them right you will get a trophy with a Canary helmet on it. Everybody can get a trophy.

1. What is Nitrome Wiki's first pet? Russian Puppy

A. Blueboy B. Untesty C. Rahama

2. Whitch species is the Guard Dog from Enemy585? PrincessD

A. Pug B. Chihuahua C.Labrador Retriever

3. Who did I use to make the colors of Notesty?Thebucket-fishbomb

A. Blueboy B. Rahama C. Bombs (Rainbogeddon)

4. Whitch one didn't appear in Nitrome? MolotovCocktail

A. Molotov B. Rum Bottle C. Wodka

5. How many brothers does Mechayin have? Jumping Angel

A. 4 B. 5 C. 6

Write More

Later I will write more if you want me to.


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