Hello, welcome to Axiy news here are the subjects we will be talking about today.

1.I found Untesty

2.My goldfish

3.Umm actually this ones a question


I found Untesty

After 2 or 3 months I finally found Untesty he is in The Mysterious user's house, now I don't know how to get him back that thing I wrote on my page was just a joke I think.

My goldfish

I was in the pet store and I brought a goldfish, my brother got a white/silver/gray/red fish but I don't know what to name them and maybe you can find a Dutch name, I hope you got good idea's. Now there are 2 names over: Bulb and Joop, whitch one is the best. Feel free to feed my goldfish here .

Umm actually this ones a question

In most of the user pages people are dividing them in pieces, I don't know how to do it and can you please tell me how to do it, I don't even know what it's called, I want to have more pets.

2011 stuff

Can we add year categories like in Canary you add category 2011 so we know whitch year the game is released instead of looking at the template and making it easier to find? And I also made a Best of 2011 skin you can add it as the background if you want to.
File:Best of 2011 Skin.png

I will write more.

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